Udan – India Takes To The Skies

Udan – India Takes To The Skies


If we asked you today, how many Indian airports could you name? The answer is not quite a lot.
As a country we are modernizing at a lightning speed, this includes our Tier 2 cities and their surrounding regions. The need of the hour is an India connected by flight.

The aviation ministry has come through and launched ‘UdeDeshkaAamNaagrik’ (UDAN) Regional Connectivity Scheme. Under the scheme, the government will provide air connectivity to unserved and underserved airports in the country. The highlight of this scheme is that airfare for a 1-hour journey of approximately 500 kilometres on a fixed wing aircraft or for 30-minute journey on a helicopter would be capped at Rs 2,500.


Key features of the UDAN scheme:

  1. Connecting India – The UDAN scheme seeks to provide connectivity to unserved and underserved airports of the country through the revival of existing air-strips and airports.
  2. Achieving Potential for flight – This scheme will ensure affordability, connectivity and development. It aims to increase ticketing volume from 80 million to 300 million by 2022.
  3. Win Win Situation -Airlines will have exclusive rights for three years to fly on a particular regional route. On these routes for regional flights Airfares will be capped at 2500 rupees for an hour’s flight.

Benefits For Consumers:

  1. Cheap Air travel–This is by far the biggest benefit for the Indian cost conscious customer. This will help the common man to utilize air travel and make his life easier.
  2. Growing Regional Economies – Along with facilitating regional trade, the proposed plan will also benefit tourism by replacing cumbersome road or rail journeys. Whether it’s a businessman in Pathankot or a tourist from Delhi who wants to see the Taj Mahal, this scheme will help to connect India in a convenient and economical way.

The government has also focused on retaining the potential for business innovation by limiting the seats at the UDAN price to 50% of the total capacity. The remaining seats can be sold at market rates. The policy is carefully and explicitly drafted to avoid ex-post disputes.

The initiative is an aggressive and positive step forward in connecting India by flight and refundme.in commends the aviation ministry for its efforts.