Middle East Air Travel Restriction


Middle East

  • United Arab Emirates ( June 25, 2020 )

    Restrictions expiration: July 7, 2020


    i) UAE National   ii) UAE Resident (prior approval not required)   iii) Citizens from countries that are exempt from pre-entry permit/visa requirements   iv) Holders of special approval

    14-day Quarantine required- at place of residence during time in country.

    PCR Test is mandatory for all passengers including UAE nationals and UAE residents arriving at Dubai International (DXB) and Dubai World Central (DWC) Airports.

    All arriving UAE Nationals and residents who are living in Dubai are required to download and register with the Dubai Health Authority “COVID19 – DXB Smart App” prior to leaving the airport.

    Passengers arriving at DXB and DWC have the choice of selecting home quarantine or institutional quarantine (details provided on arrival).

    Foreign passengers will be allowed to enter again from July 7. There are some conditions located at https://gulfnews.com/uae/new-guidelines-for-people-flying-in-and-out-of-dubai-1.1592762280240. Passengers will require a negative COVID test prior to travel and full health insurance. Those without a test will be swabbed on arrival and if positive placed in mandatory quarantine. Until then, only UAE nationals, residents and foreigners with special permission can enter; crew layovers are allowed for cargo flights but for all other flight types you need special approval.​

    As of June 24 the nightly curfew from 2200-0600 was lifted for the UAE. A separate 2300-0600 curfew for Dubai was also lifted.

    Passenger Restrictions:

    Country nationals that require prior visa to enter UAE are prohibited.

    PCR Test and 14 day quarantine is mandatory for all passengers.

    Passengers from these countries/regions are being allowed to enter:

    • United States
    • Canada
    • Europe – Certain Countries
    • Latin American – Certain Countries
    • Asia Pacific – Certain Countries
    • Middle East & Africa – Certain Countries
    • Since June 23 no restrictions on overseas destination to which citizens and residents of Dubai can travel. Travelers are required to fill out a health declaration form before embarking and comply with guidelines and protocols followed in the countries they are traveling to. Residents are required to register their details on the “COVID-19 DXB” app on arrival and before departure.
  • Saudi Arabia Authorities announced that the Kingdom has indefinitely extended the suspension of international flights. For Repatriation Flights out of Saudi Arabia, the request must be submitted 72 hours prior to departure otherwise requests will be ignored.

    Passenger Restrictions: No International flights are allowed. Saudis entering SA are allowed with approval from the MOH. Flights with outbound foreign nationals are allowed with proper approval from GACA.  All will have a 14 day quarantine on arrival.
  • Qatar All Passenger flights inbound to Qatar aerodromes are suspended except for flights with transfer passengers, Qatari Nationals and Cargo Flights. Qatari nationals returning will be placed under a mandatory 14-day quarantine. Qatari citizens in Qatar are not allowed to exit the country. Foreigners are barred from entering the country.
  • Oman

    Restriction expiration: July 9, 2020

    ​​All international PAX flights arriving and departing airports within OOMM FIR are suspended. Domestic operations has resumed. OOMS and OOSA available for Emergency Diversion only. PPR 15-Min Notice required via ATC. Jetex can arrange crew accommodation in airport hotel for diplomatic flight crew operating to OOMS or OOSA.

    Protective masks in public spaces and transportation is mandatory.

    All persons arriving into Oman will be subject to a 14 day quarantine.

    All domestic and international passenger flights remain suspended, with the general exception of flights between Muscat International Airport (MCT) and Khasab Airport (KHS) in Musandam Governorate. The measure does not apply to cargo flights. Foreigners are prohibited from entering Oman via any entry point until further notice. Only Omani nationals may enter the country, though they must undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine period; authorities have prevented Omani citizens from leaving the country since March 18.

    This restriction does not apply to :

    • Cargo Flights approved by the PACA Air Transport Department
    • Domestic Flights to OOKB
    • Overflights
    • Aircraft operated by RAFO, ROP, Oman Royal Flight
    • Aft Exempted by the Authority
  • Kuwait Authorities have suspended issuing permits for Commercial/Charter operations till further notice. Only Cargo flights are accepting. Please be informed that Kuwait DGCA has announced the suspension of all departing & arriving flights from Singapore, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, South Korea, Thailand, Egypt & Italy due to increase in #COVID19- Corona Virus.

    Passenger Restrictions: Those expats who have a residence permit or previous entry visa to Kuwait who were present in these countries will be prevented from entering, and the issuance of visa on arrival to those coming to Kuwait from these countries will be stopped as a precautionary measure.

    Only Kuwaitis, their first-degree relatives, and domestic workers accompanying them are allowed. Require Civil copies (front& back sides) of non-Kuwaiti accompanying Pax (domestic workers and first degree relatives).

    Each passengers have to sign MOH forms.

    Passport copies for each Pax is required.

    Passenger 14-day mandatory quarantine applicable.

    Special Considerations:

    Health Authorities in the State of Kuwait have instituted the following measures for Private Flights due to the Coronavirus:

    Send operation request to the DGCA with Flight Information of Passengers and Crew details. Fill out the approved Health Card and send to schedules@DGCA.GOV.KW.

    Approval from Ministries of Health and Interior is required. Final approval by DGCA. Flights limited to Kuwait Citizens, their First Degree Relatives and Domestic Workers accompanying them. Non-Kuwaitis prohibited from Entry.

    Aircrews allowed to use Hotel subject to Health Procedures being applied.

    Health Authorities in the State of Kuwait have instituted the following measures for Cargo Flights due to the Coronavirus:

    Send operation request to the DGCA; the request must include the Information of Flight, Details of the Shipment, and Aircrew.  Aircrews must adhere to the procedures of the Health Authorities at Kuwait International Airport.  The request can be sent to the following email schedules@DGCA.GOV.KW.

    Aircrews are allowed to use the Kuwait International Airport transit hotel, if they wish, noting that Health Procedures are mandatory and will be applied.

  • Israel

    Restriction expiration: August 1, 2020.

    Authorities in Israel have extended the nationwide entry ban on foreign nationals until August 1. Israel initially barred entry to foreign nationals on March 18 as part of the country’s efforts to limit the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Israeli citizens and residents are permitted to return to Israel but are subject to a mandatory 14-day quarantine. Authorities may allow entry for those who can self-quarantine at home, while others will undergo quarantine at a government facility.

    Israel initially closed its borders to passenger travel on March 18.

    Israel flag carrier El Al (LY) Airlines previously extended its suspension of passenger flights due to COVID-19 through June 30. However, LY has announced that it will operate limited direct flights from Ben Gurion Airport (TLV) to Los Angeles Airport (LAX) in California twice a week and to John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York once a week June 4-24. The suspension does not apply to cargo and emergency flights. International flights are only allowed to land at LLBG.

    Israel announced that August 1 is the target date for the resumption of select international passenger flights, but that the decision will be dependent on the evolution of disease activity in the coming weeks.

    Passenger Restrictions: Israeli citizens and permanent residents are still allowed entry. Israelis returning from abroad who are unable to self-quarantine must enter a designated state-run quarantine facility for a period of 14 days.

    Passengers who are not Israeli citizens or residents are prohibited from entering, including transit passengers. The only way foreign passengers can enter Israel is with the approval of Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This must be initiated via the Israeli Embassy. Diplomatic intervention will be needed. Any passenger arriving in Israel must submit a form in the following webpage in order to inform the authorities of an address for self-quarantine or the inability of self-quarantine. A printed copy of the complete form must be in hand when arriving in case the passport control officer will require it: https://govforms.gov.il/mw/forms/HouseIsolation%40health.gov.il?displang=en

  • Iraq CAA has extended the suspension of passenger flights through July 1. The measure does not apply to emergency, repatriation, or cargo flights. All travelers to Iraq will be subject to 14 days of quarantine. Residents must wear protective face coverings when outside their homes and observe social-distancing guidelines at all times.​ Please contact your Universal Team for additional specifics.
  • Iran

    Restriction expiration: July 11, 2020.

    International scheduled flights will only be accepted at OIIE. It is required special permission to use other INTL airports though email SPECIALPERMISSIONS@CAO.IR

    The evacuation flight for evacuating other Nationality from Iran, will only be accepted to/from INTL Airport, prior permission required at least 24 hours before OPR through email SPECIALPERMISSIONS@CAO.IR

    Overflight within Tehran FIR (ENR ATS) is continued in accordance with Iran AIP requirements

    Flights in State of Emergency are accepted ONLY at INTL Airports

    Humanitarian/MEDEVAC/Repatriation/United Nations Flights and other INTL Organizations Air Services are accepted with prior special permission from Iran CAO through email SPECIALPERMISSIONS@CAO.IR

    Cargo flights are only accepted at OIIE

    Disembarkation of Non-Iranian flight crews is subjected to undertaking screening test.

  • Egypt

    Restriction expiration: June 30, 2020.

    Egypt is allowing passenger flights, but will require strict permission from authorities.  Valid reason for coming to Egypt is required and must be ECAA approved. Evacuation flights for those departing Egypt will be easier to be approved.

    Reopening all airports throughout the country from July 1. Tourism will be limited to resorts in Matrouh, Red Sea, and South Sinai coastal governorates. Authorities have reportedly instituted a series of measures to ensure social distancing at the country’s airports. All passengers must also wear masks on airplanes. Officials previously announced plans to reopen seaside resorts to international flights and foreign tourists beginning July 1.

    Authorities in Egypt have announced plans to reopen seaside resorts to international flights and foreign tourists beginning July 1 amid the easing of restrictions related to coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Regular international flights will remain suspended until further notice; the measure does not apply to emergency and cargo flights.​ Allowed entry is dependent on certain countries of origin in the following regions – Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Middle East and Africa.

    Masks and gloves are required in public places until further notice. Quarantine is not required at this time. Curfew is in effect until June 30. Curfew is from 1800Z to 0200Z. No one can move around the city during these times; transportation and stores will be closed. Delivery services will be available.​

    Passenger Restrictions: Pax can depart aircraft at HECA only. Must remain on board at other airports.

    Travelers to Egypt will no longer undergo testing upon arrival; instead, they will be subject to temperature checks. All passengers arriving to Egypt will be required to self-isolate at home.​