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The Economic Times

With the comments I'd received, I feared a lot worse. No issues, really. No issue. So I didn't have to combine logging in, I already had signed in a month ago. I went to my door and they began boarding about 10 minutes away. Like other comments suggested, we didn't have to wait outside in the rain, staying indoors before they were full. As far as I could say, the participants were friendly. Flight at take off was very chaotic, but turbulence is that, aside from being too smooth. They provided buses to carry us to the doors at the airport prague on arrival. All and all, I am incredibly happy about my Ryanair journey.

By : Fanny 6th Feb 2020

Type Of Traveller Business
Seat Type Premium
Route Manchester to Prague
Date Flown 30th Jan 2020
Value for Money
The Economic Times

I don't even get why people give such bad comments. Flight was on schedule, and even legacy carriers could benefit from the AGP-based crew a wonderful onboard facilities. They were both friendly and it had been too much bother. Will not hesitate in the future to use Ryanair.

By : Célia 15th Jan 2020

Type Of Traveller Solo Traveller
Seat Type Economy
Route Edinburgh to Malaga
Date Flown 12th Jan 2020
Value for Money
The Economic Times

Everyone walked beautifully and effortlessly. Beautiful professional and caring workers. Sweet, supportive, polite and beautiful. Fantastic flight, no smoothest landing and delays at all. The flight rates were also great – lower than the airport taxi fare.

By : Elise 17th Dec 2019

Type Of Traveller Family
Seat Type Economy
Route Cork to Malaga
Date Flown 12th Dec 2019
Value for Money
The Economic Times

Certainly the quality is not impeccable, at cheap rates it still helps me to board. I wasn't delayed or waited too long for check-in, the seats aren't the best, they are still not bad. The only defect is that in the past it was easier to use the hand luggage because it was free, but now you have to pay for it. I feel quite satisfied, however.

By : Jade 29th Jan 2020

Type Of Traveller Solo Traveller
Seat Type Economy
Route Budapest to Rome Ciampino
Date Flown 23rd Jan 2020
Value for Money