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Flight Cancellations?

If your flight was cancelled, overbooked or boarding was denied you may be entitled to as much as 20,000 Indian Rupees in compensation. Was the flight subject to the EU-regulation, you possibly can claim even up to 45,000 INR*
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Your air passenger rights

in India and the EU

In case your flight was cancelled, delayed or overbooked your Rights to Compensation are protected by
India’s civil aviation requirement and EU regulation EC 261/04

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    Indian Compensation

    The Indian regulatory bodies have issued a revision to its Civil Aviation Requirements which came into effect at the first of August 2016. These changes provide a stronger protection of your air passenger rights.


India’s Civil Aviation Requirements apply if you have been flying from, to or within India – regardless of the operating airline or your nationality. In case your flight is also eligible to compensation under the European rules we will choose whichever regulation promises you a higher compensation.

Covered flight problems

The ICAR provides compensation rules for cancelled flights or if you were denied boarding. In case your flight was delayed no monetary compensations are designated – in contrast to the European regulations.

Compensation Amount

Since the regulation was updated in August 2016, the maximum compensation amount has risen from 3,000 to 20,000 INR. The exact amount is dependable on a number of factors. India will always get the best possible payback for you.

Exceptional circumstances

If the reasons for flight cancellations or delays are beyond the control of the airline, they can resort to exceptional circumstances and deny accountability. However, airlines often claim extraordinary circumstances while they would actually have to pay you out. With India at your side you have the best help you could ask for.

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    European Compensation

    EU regulation 261/2004 went into effect on February 17th 2005. Since the EU regulation grants you a higher compensation than India’s civil aviation requirement, India will claim your flight compensation under this rule if applicable.


It is applicable if you have been flying from/within the EU with any airline, or from elsewhere into the EU with an European airline. The nationality of the traveler however is of no importance. You can claim for flights that were carried out up to 3 years in the past.

Covered flight problems

EU regulation 261/04 provides compensation for flight delays of more than 3 hours, if your flight was overbooked and you were denied boarding or if your flight was cancelled.

Compensation Amount

The compensation amount is independent of the respective flight ticket price and can easily surpass it. There are several factors that come into play when determining the compensation amount – most prominently the distance and hours of delay at the point of arrival. Claim up to 45,000 INR.

Exceptional circumstances

Airlines often try to fight your claim to compensation by arguing that exceptional circumstances like bad weather conditions or strikes caused the problem. India will fight back and represent your interests even in front of court if need to be.

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Company Information India Services Pvt. Ltd. was founded in July 2016 in New Delhi India and is specialized in analyzing and enforcing consumer traveling rights worldwide. Air passengers who suffered a flight cancellation or who were denied boarding due to overbooking might be entitled to compensation of up to 45,000 Indian Rupees / 600 Euros. India offers a smart dedicated ABL-System (Advanced Business Logic) which allows every air passenger to check via internet or app whether he is entitled to compensation, and to generate a claim while being still at the airport – paperless, less bureaucratic and without having to bear any financial risk.


We strictly follow a “no win no fee” policy, so there is no consumer risk. All claims will receive notification when accepted. Please see our general Terms & Conditions for further details.