Eve Buechner

Eve Buechner, CEO

Company Information

refund.me GmbH was founded in May 2012 in Germany and is specialized in analysing and enforcing consumer travelling rights worldwide. Air passengers who suffer a delay of more than three hours or a flight cancellation are entitled to compensation of up to 600 EUR based on EU Regulation 261/2004.

New Services for India
Customized for the Indian market refund.me founded the refund.me India Services Private Limited in 2016. This company offers its customers the same type of services in according to the India Aviation Requirements.

refund.me offers a smart dedicated ABL-System (Advanced Business Logic) which allows every air passenger to check via internet or app whether he is entitled to compensation, and to generate a claim while being still at the airport – paperless, less bureaucratic and without having to bear any financial risk.

In the beginning there was a dream: creating a stress-free, hi-tech solution that enforces passenger rights worldwide. Today we can proudly say we have achieved that and our success is being rewarded in over 125 countries. The Financial Times recently awarded us the prestigious title of “legal industry pioneer”.

We are now going one step further, developing a comprehensive solution on the topic of compensation for flight delays and cancellations, making sure everyone that is affected will benefit. Stay tuned!
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