Prague Ruzyne Int'l (PRG)

Address:- Prague

Phone :- +91 124 3376000 / +91 124 4797300

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About Prague

Prague is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic, the 14th largest city in the European Union and the historical capital of Bohemia. Situated in the north-west of the country on the Vltava river. 

Country: Czech Republic
Currency: Czech koruna
ISD Code : +420-2
Languages: Czech language
Best Season: mid-April to May and September to mid-October

Sights of Prague

Prague Castle
Charles Bridge
Wenceslas Square
The National Museum
The Clementinum and the National Library

Luggage Room

  • Terminal 2, near the baggage, reclaim area
  • Terminal 1, Landside, near Entrance A.

Terminal 1

  • After security, near the information desk
  • After security, near the toilets and visitors center
  • Before security, ground level, near the airline offices
  • Before security, near the exchange office

Terminal 2

  • Before security, near the toilets and lifts
  • Before security, near the Visitors Center

Sleeping Pods

  • Gate A4 may have some seats with footrests.
  • Terminal 2, head to the Rest Area between Piers C and D.


  • Terminal 1, Rest & Fun Center on level 1, to the left of the hall for concourse B
  • Terminal 2, After security in Pier D, Level 3


  • Terminal 2, inside Security, between Piers C and D

Terminal 1
Mastercard Lounge - Airside, 1st Floor.
Menzies Aviation Lounge - Airside, Level 2. Non-Schengen flights only.

Terminal 2

Erste Premier Lounge - Airside, 2nd Floor.
Menzies Aviation Lounge - Airside, Level 3. Schengen flights only.

Terminal 1, before security


  • Terminal 1, after security, near gate A1 and A3

Eye Love Prague

  • Terminal 1, after security


  • Terminal 1, after security, between Concourse A and Concourse B

Aelia Duty-Free

  • Terminal 1, just after security on the right


  • Terminal 2, before security


  • Terminal 1, after security
  • Terminal 2, after security Concourse C

Porsche Design Shop

  • Terminal 1, after security, pier B
  • Terminal 2, after security, Pier D

Blue Praha

  • Terminal 1, after security, Concourse A
  • Terminal 1, after security, Concourse B
  • Terminal 1, after security, Concourse C
  • Terminal 1, after security, Concourse D

Airport Contact Detail

24 X 7 Customer care number
Contact No : +91-124-4797300 , +91-124-4797300
Address : Prague


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In case, your flight hasbeen cancelled, the airline is liable to provide you an alernate flight or a full refund of your ticket. Additionally, under DCGA CAR and EU 261/2004 regulations, you are entitled to get compensation up to 600 Euros or 46,776.40 INR.

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  • What should I do in case of baggage lost?
  • Is there any limitation period for compensation?
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  • ATM Services
  • Food and Snacks
  • Transportation
  • Medical Services
  • Baggage wrapping counter
In case, your flight has got cancelled, your airline will either schedule an alternative flight or give you the full refund of your ticket. If they couldnt fulfill both the conditions, you must share your flight details with and our team will help you get the compensation.