Indira Gandhi Int'l (DEL)

Address:- New Delhi

Phone :- +91 124 3376000 / +91 124 4797300

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Entry Before 3 Hours Of Departure

Avoid reaching the airport too early as the international passengers are only allowed to show up to the terminal - 3 hours before the departing flight.

If passengers reach 8 hours prior to flight timing then they can enjoy the lounge facilities in the departure drop-off area, given – they must have their print of e-tickets in hands to gain the access inside the airport. 

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Delhi's Indira Gandhi International airport with 3 terminals and free shuttle services is the Asia's 10th Busiest airport(as it calls for huge passenger & international traffic) with a stretch of 16km South-west of New Delhi city centre.

Airport & its 3 Terminals:

Terminal 1

It is highly utilised by low-cost carrier giants like IndiGo, SpiceJet & Go Air where Terminal 1C is utilised for arrivals & 1D for all the departures.

Terminal 1D has total 3 levels, where:

The departure gates are on the ground level.
The main floor has all the security and the shops.
There is Plaza premium lounge along with food court on the 1st floor.

Terminal 2

This terminal is served by the low-cost carriers like GoAir, Indigo, SpiceJet now due to expanding work in progress at the IC & ID.

After the completion of Terminal 1, the Terminal 2 is next to rebuilt into a new “Terminal 4”.

Terminal 3

It is the newest terminal that serves all the international cum some of the domestic flights too.

This terminal is having:

All the departure gates, security and shops on the main floor.
Whereas, all the lounges, work area and food court lies on the 1st floor,

Frequent & free shuttle bus services

There is a free shuttle bus service connecting all Terminals 1-3 in about every 20 minutes.

The shuttle service is free to those passengers only who have a connecting flight in other terminals of the airport. However, there is a public city bus number 4 that can be availed at the cost of INR 25 that runs on the similar route to that of shuttle bus & don't require an air ticket as well.

Note - Keep in head that there is a long route via highway connecting all terminals, so make sure you have more than 20 minutes to catch up with your next flight.



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Terminal 1 Arrival

  • Andhra Bank
  • Indus Ind Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank


Terminal 1 Departure

  • Indus Ind Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • SBI


Terminal 2 Departure

  • Indus Ind Bank
  • SBI

Terminal 3 Arrival

  • Andhra Bank
  • Union Bank of India

Terminal 3 Domestic Arrival

  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • SBI
  • Citi Bank
  • Indus Ind Bank


Terminal 3 Domestic Departure

  • Allahabad Bank
  • Citi Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank


Terminal 3 International Arrival

  • Citi Bank
  • Indus Ind Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • PNB
  • SBI

Terminal 3 International Departure

  • PNB

Sleeping Pods

There is a “SAMS Snooze at my place” to avail sleeping pods at hour charges right at T3 opposite boarding Gate 17.

These pods have access to – Flat screen TV, charging sockets & even Wifi facilities.

Charges – You may rent a pod to lay & sleep for USD 12/hr for single occupancy & USD 22/hr for double.


Nap, Bathe or workout

Hotel transfers are all taken care by the Eaton Smart New Delhi Transit hotel for both international & domestic passengers.

There you can have access to free Wi-fi, fitness centre, shower rooms after a long journey. The rooms are available at both hourly & day rates.

Two different wings are there for both domestic & international passengers. The Domestic wing is at level 2 of departure & can be accessed via lift 7. The international wing is at level 5 & can be accessed from lift 18 or 19 right in the duty-free area of hotel & lounges (just follow the signage there).


Terminal 1D, Landside

Plaza Premium Lounge

Terminal 1D, Airside, Level 2/Mezzanine Level

Plaza Premium Lounge

Terminal 2, Airside, near Gate 25

Plaza Premium Lounge

Terminal 3, Domestic Arrival Landside, near Gate 1

Plaza Premium Lounge


Terminal 3 Domestic, Airside

Plaza Premium Lounge

Terminal 3, International Arrival Landside, opposite exit gate 6

Plaza Premium Lounge

Terminal 3 International, Airside

Plaza Premium Lounge (at Level 3 & Level 4)
ITC Hotels Green Lounge


  • T1 Departures
  • T3 Domestic Arrivals
  • T3 Domestic Departures
  • T3 International Arrivals
  • T3 International Departures



LOCATION : T1 Arrivals, T1 Departures, T3 Arrivals, T3 Departures



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LOCATION : T1 Departures

LOCATION : T1 Departures
LOCATION : T3 Departures


LOCATION : T3 Domestic Arrivals

LOCATION : T1 Arrivals


LOCATION : T3 Departures




LOCATION : T1 Arrivals, T1 Departures, T3 Arrivals, T3 Departures, T3 Domestic Departures, T3 International Departures
LOCATION : T3 Domestic Departures


LOCATION : T3 International Departures





LOCATION: T3 Domestic Departures



LOCATION : T3 Domestic Departures




LOCATION : T1 Departures, T3 Domestic Departures



LOCATION : T1 Departures, T3 Domestic Departures




LOCATION : T3 Domestic Departures, T3 International Departures



LOCATION : T3 International Departures



LOCATION : T3 Domestic Departures





LOCATION : T3 International Departures




LOCATION : T3 Domestic Departures



LOCATION : T1 Departures, T3 Domestic Departures, T3 International Departures



Airport Contact Detail

24 X 7 Customer care number
Contact No : +91-124-4797300 , +91-124-4797300
Address : New Delhi


If your flight has got delayed, you should contact your respective airline and ask if you are eligible for compensation. All the airports in India and Europe follows DCGA CAR and EU 261/2004 regulations respectively. As per this regulation, you will get 600 Euros or 46,776.40 INR in compensation. With the help of compensation tracker, you can easily check your flight eligibility.

In case, your flight hasbeen cancelled, the airline is liable to provide you an alernate flight or a full refund of your ticket. Additionally, under DCGA CAR and EU 261/2004 regulations, you are entitled to get compensation up to 600 Euros or 46,776.40 INR.

  • What to do if I have been denied to board my flight ?
  • What should I do in case of baggage lost?
  • Is there any limitation period for compensation?
  • Bad Weather at . My flight is delayed. Will I get the compensation?
To get the compensation for delayed flight, you should share your flight details with and our team will analyze your flight details and send you all the information about your compensation.
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  • Medical Services
  • Baggage wrapping counter
In case, your flight has got cancelled, your airline will either schedule an alternative flight or give you the full refund of your ticket. If they couldnt fulfill both the conditions, you must share your flight details with and our team will help you get the compensation.