Paris Charles de Gaulle/Roissy (CDG)

Address:- Paris

Phone :- +91 124 3376000 / +91 124 4797300

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CDG airport has 3 terminals with the connectivity of CDVAL shuttle buses & lies 23km north-east of Paris. The airport's terminals are all different in structure and are located as T1, T3 and then T2. Make sure not to get confused and have time ahead to catch up right terminal & flight timings.

1. Terminal 1 or T1 – This particular terminal is claimed to be the oldest. With underground walkways, the central check-in area leads to the 7 satellite buildings.

2. Terminal 2 or T2 – This terminal is divided into 7 small portions as 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F, 2G. The T2E is again divided into small halls as K, L & M. The terminals 2A-2F are connected via underground walkways but the 2G is located a little far off and would require the bus services from other terminals to reach there.

This terminal has access towards the RER & TGV trains. The stations can be found between linking terminals 2C & 2F. 
3. Terminal 3 or T3 – This terminal has two different buildings – one for arrival and one for departures.

Shuttle buses between terminals

There are shuttle bus services between the terminals to reach the T2. All the terminals are close by to each other & hardly takes five minutes to reach. However, to commute between the 2F & 2G, you need to take the buses.

The shuttle bus N1 will take you between the 2A, 2C, 2E, 2F and the train station. The shuttle bus N2 will take you between 2F & 2G. 

Shuttle train between terminals

The CDGVAL shuttle train is an automated driverless train that connects all the 3 terminals, car parks and the RER & TGV train stations. The train takes around 8 minutes to complete the journey. 

Train timings – You will find the train leaving in every 4 minutes between 04:30 to 01:30  and in every 20 minutes between 01:30 to 04:30. 

Note – In case you have entered terminal 3, to access the train, you need to reach the terminal 1 and walk a little distance. 

Fast Immigration process

With European e-passport, you can ditch the ordinary queues & pass from the special electronic border control called PARAFE (Passage Automatisé Rapide Des Frontières Extérieures). The gates can be accessed with either the facial or fingerprint authentication systems – both authentications will require the passenger's boarding pass & passport. Passengers in order to use the e-gates first need to register themselves at the enrolment centre.

1. Fingerprint authentication - It will take 30 seconds to clear immigration. Passengers need to have their biometric or the electronic passport for the process. You have to place your thumb on the scanner there & follow the steps provided on the screen.

2. Facial Authentication – This will take 10 to 15 seconds to clear the immigration process. The passengers need to be above 18 years for this process. Must have the biometric passport and a national number of EU countries. For this, you need to place the travel document around the camera to get through the border control.

Note – The passengers who are non-EU citizens & holds the e-passport can use the Schengen external borders.

 Where to find them – These systems are sourced at the Terminal 2E, before security near Exit 10. 

Opening hours – They are open from Mon-Fri from 6:30-12:30 & 13:30 – 15:30.

Travel guide within Terminal 2

To move between the terminals, you have to take the shuttle bus services. Terminal 2 is actually divided into 7 small terminals (2A-2G). If travelling with luggage, it is recommended to take the free to use Roissybus shuttle which moves in and around the terminals & can be accessed from the entrance of the terminals. 

Shuttle bus routes – The shuttle buses are named as N1, N2 & N3. With N1 buses, you can connect easily to terminals 2A-2F and rail station of RER/TGV. With N2 buses, you can connect easily to the terminals 2E, 2F & 2G. N3 buses will connect you to the 2C, 2D, 2G and rail stations of RER/TGV.

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Rest with day rooms

Long layover or delayed flight can be the hard & tiring thing to handle when exhaustion is there. invites passenger to book a room for a day, you can locate the hotel at close proximity to the airport.

How you will book it?

First, review the hotel & check for the facilities they offer is all that you need like a good spa or swimming pool. Then check for all the time slots available, book them & receive your confirmation, pay while you check in & you can even cancel the booking at end moment with zero cancellation charges.

Light Therapy

The airport offers free light therapy for the tired passengers in the specially built bubbles.

Location – You will find it at Gate – L34, after the security of Terminal 2E.

Layover at Disneyland

You can reach Disneyland in just 10 minutes. By taking the TGV & RER trains. These are both high-speed trains, with TGV you can reach in just 12 minutes.

Location- The station is inside Terminal 2 (Between 2D & 2F).

Charges – The tickets can be purchased from the yellow vending machines spread throughout the airport. In the machine, enter the destination as “ Marne La Vallee”. The ticket can cost between EUR 15-24. 

Timings – The TGCV train runs seven days a week from 6:54 – 21:55. You can visit Disneyland between 10:00-20:00.

Sheraton Hotel

You can relax with the only hotel at the airport “Sheraton” with 4 stars. Can easily avail the day rooms to rest from 9:00-18:00. You can try the kitao massage to straighten your back & treat your jet lag. The hotel will cost around EUR 209.

Location – you will find the hotel at Terminal 2, above the RER train station.


Lounges with video play

You can enjoy your layover at the airport with the free-to-use video lounges. There you can play English & French HD movies with comfortable & wide seats for two people, 3D screens, in-built speakers, armrest with remote controls. The kids can also play PS3 games there.

Location – You will find this lounge after security area of Terminal 2 – halls L & M (Galerie Parisienne).

Lounge with music play

There are lounge areas that allow music plays with comfortable seating at Terminal 2E near security. These lounges are open 24/7 and offer great touch-screen options to select & play the favourite music.

Refresh with lounges

You can refresh with following lounges located at Terminals 1 & 2. 

1. Air France La Première, Terminal 2
This lounge after the security of Terminal 2E is Air France flagship lounge. The lounge is very luxurious and has amenities like a bar area & a spa area.

2. Cathay Pacific Lounge, Terminal 2
This lounge lies in between Terminal 2A & 2C, level 2 after security & offers oriental cuisines, selective wines  & champagnes, shower facilities, iMac computers with an outside view of the runway.

3. Lufthansa Senator Lounge Location: Terminal 1, after security, Satellite 6, lower level.
4. Lufthansa Business Lounge Location: Terminal 1, after security, Satellite 6, lower level.
5. SAS Business Lounge Location: Terminal 1, after security, Satellite 7, lower level.
6. Star Alliance Lounge (First Class) Location: Terminal 1, after security, level 11.
7. Star Alliance Lounge (Business Class) Location: Terminal 1, after security, level 10.
8. ICARE Lounge 
The public can access this lounge at EUR 30 and offers comfortable seating in form of armchairs, sofas along with free wi-fi and complimentary drinks & meals.
Location – The lounge is after the security of Terminal 1.
Opening hours – The lounge opens from 6:30-23:30

Airport Contact Detail

24 X 7 Customer care number
Contact No : +91-124-4797300 , +91-124-4797300
Address : Paris


If your flight has got delayed, you should contact your respective airline and ask if you are eligible for compensation. All the airports in India and Europe follows DCGA CAR and EU 261/2004 regulations respectively. As per this regulation, you will get 600 Euros or 46,776.40 INR in compensation. With the help of compensation tracker, you can easily check your flight eligibility.

In case, your flight hasbeen cancelled, the airline is liable to provide you an alernate flight or a full refund of your ticket. Additionally, under DCGA CAR and EU 261/2004 regulations, you are entitled to get compensation up to 600 Euros or 46,776.40 INR.

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To get the compensation for delayed flight, you should share your flight details with and our team will analyze your flight details and send you all the information about your compensation.
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In case, your flight has got cancelled, your airline will either schedule an alternative flight or give you the full refund of your ticket. If they couldnt fulfill both the conditions, you must share your flight details with and our team will help you get the compensation.